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Our Services:

Hexa Corps distinguishes the importance of a successful organization in the service industry. This is why it sets a reasonable and attainable time and budget quotas. The companies, resources groups work with Hexa Corps strive to offer each individual our highest level of attention and assistance. Hexa Corps is a professional and legitimate company in Afghanistan and we strive to uphold our positive and well- deserved reputation.


Our services will be positioned very carefully; they will be of extremely high quality, relevant, timely, accurate, and tailored to the clients' needs to enable international community and local industries to operate with full range of capabilities.


Logistics Suppy & Construction

Hexa Corps is a professional service Afghan owned company working in the fields of K-SPAN, Operations & Maintenance and Logistics Services.

The company was formed in 2004 and since then has provided services to several major clients, both commercial and military, within Afghanistan. We currently have various ongoing Construction, Logistics, Operations & Maintenance and Life Support Services projects underway all over Afghanistan. Our success has been largely due to the professionalism of our staff and our ability to mobilize immediately. This has set us apart from the competition.

Hexa Corps is totally committed to the rebuilding of Afghanistan and the development of the country for the benefit of the Afghan Nation. The company has more than 150 employees spread over various locations; the company also employs additional staff on short term contracts. Hexa Corps has the ability to supply virtually any item using its established supply system.


Fuel Supply

Hexa Corps enables you to have total control over your fuel consumption ensuring you never run out. Our comprehensive hassle free service provides deliveries to suit your fuel needs and fuel storage capacity. We can deliver the volumes you require, whenever you require - no delivery is too large or too small.


We are very proud of the high levels of service we provide in supplying Hi-Octane, MS (Motor Spirit), Diesel, High Speed Diesel, Kerosene Oil and Jet Fuels. We also provide lubricants (both automotive and industrial range) and greases.


Life Support

Hexa Corps Services is the 'best in class' support services division providing multi-service capability to U.S army operating in remote sites, challenging geographical locations.

Our Life Support Services evolved as a direct result of responding in a positive and pro-active manner to our clients' and customers' requirement.

We are fully prepared to assist you with solutions for your daily operational support activities. These include

  • Potable/non-potable water delivery
  • Waste/septic water removal
  • Solid waste removal
  • Laundry services
  • Catering and Food Services

Catering and Food Services

Hospitality is what we are, not what we do. Keeping the tradition alive, we use nothing but the fine ingredients. There are no short cuts. We respect the food and let nothing get in the way of the authentic flavor. All our recipes are based on the originality of their regions.

Hexa Corps is a very experienced firm in providing Afghan standard meals to meet the demands of our clients. We assure our personnel and partners are following the laws and guidelines for delivering hygienic, healthy and nutritious food. Through regular training and continuous inspections, our personnel are proactive in uncovering any area of deficiency and taking corrective action immediately.

We cooperate with our clients to design nutritionally balanced menus which please the plate and offer a wide selection of choices. We always strive to procure fresh local foodstuffs that meet or exceed required standards for a particular client or region.


Media Services & Advertising

Hexa will create a concept and design for your promotion. This includes Radio and TV Spots, Audio and Video Drama, magazines, brochures, flyers, posters, and banners. Specific to the needs of Afghanistan. Hexa Corps facilitate the radio technical and human recourse services for its client throughout Afghanistan , materials, and equipment to manage, operate and create programming for fifteen portable FM Radio In A Box (RIAB) stations rural and urban Provinces of Afghanistan, more then 60 contract personnel are providing to support these services.


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Addresss: House No 3, Street No 1, Guzargah Kart-e-4 Kabul Afghanistan

Phone: +93 (0) 20 250 4999