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Corporate overview:

Hexa Corps is contracting firm created and designed in a highly lucrative market in a rapidly growing economy. The current trend towards an increase in the number of development projects, entrepreneurs and competition amongst existing companies presents an opportunity for an increased demand for infrastructure development, trade, contracting, manufacturing and logistics.


Our services will be positioned very carefully; they will be of extremely high quality, relevant, timely, accurate, and tailored to the clients' needs to enable international community and local industries to operate with full range of capabilities. The services to fulfill clients' mission includes,


- Infrastructure Development

- Transportation (land, sea and air) which includes not only Afghanistan but the region.

- Human Resources Services - General Supply & Logistics

- Business Development Services - Design and Construction

- Fuel Supply - Equipment Acquisition and Procurement

- Media Services, Printing & advertising


Hexa Corps' access to capital, high-level strategic management capabilities, and technical expertise are carried out by local affiliates. These partner companies are capable of performance in their associated regions and areas of expertise. These services not only boost up private sector, in turn it leads to growth of the local Afghan communities while benefiting the overall economy.

Our values

- Reliable Professional Services

- Safety - Integrity

- Ethical commitments
- Promote positive relationships


Our missions

HexaCorps aims to provide reliable and professional services for implementing business ingenuity that exceeds clients' profits and fulfill their expectations


Our Team:

Hexa Corps consists associates with different backgrounds – yet being one strong company, one strong team with a common understanding – HC is an indigenous joint venture corporate organization, established by young & professional Afghan experts with its highly qualified capable partners & staff team which works in diverse areas to customize HC's ability to meet the needs of its clients, and provide best value and maximum impact.
The key to Hexa Corps's success:


Our Aims is To:

• to be a friendly, approachable organization which is empathetic, supportive and accessible.

• to provide our customers with accurate and timely services and advice.

• to recognize as professional in everything while completing the contracted service.

• to be well informed for efficient and effective operation which would meet the needs of the customers.
• be reliable, honest, dependable and consistent to enhance the confidence of its clients.


Partners List and affiliation

With our team of highly skilled personal, HC serves to expand its capacity to meet the needs of all our clients at all times. In order to provide services in areas that are not within HC list of capabilities, HC has teamed up with other organization to take advantage of the strength of each other and benefit its members.



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Contact Detail

Addresss: House No 3, Street No 1, Guzargah Kart-e-4 Kabul Afghanistan

Phone: +93 (0) 20 250 4999